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What Process Do We Take to Get You What You Need?

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Here at Canadian Premier Supplements we go through a process that makes your life easier to get you the product you need. With our four step process all you have to do is pick your product and we do the rest!

What is our process you ask? Here it is:

Designing: If you don’t already have any labels or logos designed we design the whole kit and cater to any of your design needs. We’ll make sure the labels are up to par with want you want and what you need.

Packaging: The second step is having you test the product that you chose to make sure it’s the product you approve, adding ingredients if you so choose, and packaging the bottles or bags of your chosen product.

Labeling: After the packaging process the next step is easy! We print your approved labels and install them to the containers or bags appropriate to the size of the product.

Shipping: The final step is sending the product straight to your door, which we are proud to say is fairly quick!

For any inquiries, questions or a free consultation, please call (519) 791-6311

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