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How to Increase Your Gym’s Revenue

Quick question: Do you sell your own line of supplements to your gym members?

If the answer is no, then please ask yourself "Why haven't I started yet?"

"I want to start but I don't think I'm financially ready."

Here at CPS, we offer the lowest MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantity) in the industry. Other manufacturers offer MOQ's of 1000 units, but our minimums are just 20 units! We accommodate all financial situations, big and small. Find out today how fast and simple it is start your own supplement line with Canadian Premier Supplements.

The 4 Simple Steps to Start:

Happy and Successful Fitness Instructor Speaking with an Athletic Woman
  1. Contact us and tell us what products you're looking for.

  2. We'll give you a quote.

  3. Use your brand OR collaborate with our experienced designers. Once the design is agreed upon...

  4. Your product is made, packed, and shipped.

Your members seek results, and they trust you to tell them which supplements best help them reach their fitness goals. But why suggest others' supplements and vitamins when you can earn extra income by endorsing your very own? With industry markups as high as 500%, there’s a ton of money to be made in your own line of products.

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