• David Baillargeon

The Importance of Selling YOUR Own Sports Supplements

As a personal fitness trainer, your words matter most to your clients. They look to you for sports supplement recommendations. But why suggest others' product when you could sell your very own?

There are several benefits to selling your very own products, such as...

  • Having loyal consumers who care less about the price and more for a product you approve of

  • Increasing your brand's reputation

  • Proudly endorsing a product with your stamp of approval

  • Low startup costs and higher markups

Selling your own line of supplement products is one of the best tactics to increasing your revenue. Our manufacturing process is simple, and with industry markups as high as 500%, it would be insane not to sell your own supplements.

Imagine if each loyal client purchased $25 worth of supplements per month, how much more would you bring in annually?
  • A trainer with 10 clients, it’s $3,000 more annually.

  • A trainer with 25 members, it’s $7,500 more annually.

  • A trainer with 50 members, it’s $15,000 more annually.

Here at CPS, we have everything to help get you started. We offer the LOWEST MOQ's in the industry, and have a wide selection of 50+ stock items and delicious flavours. Our formulations are tried, tested and proven. On top of that, we do offer custom formulations. All products are handled in a climate-controlled, cGMP and FDA Registered facility and yes, we offer fulfillment services.

We offer the LOWEST Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in the sports supplements industry.

For any inquiries, questions or a free consultation, please call (519) 791-6311

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